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Meet Megan

Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Doula

Madonna Medicina is the current and evolving iteration of my fascination with birth, postpartum, and feminine cycles - biological, archetypal, emotional...the possibilities are endless.

I first stepped into the birth world in 2013, in Ecuador. After finishing my Masters in Nonprofit Management, I moved to the country that had held my heart for almost 10 years and trained and certified as a Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Educator with CAPPA. Working with expecting mothers, laboring women and mothers of young children, I became even more enamored with and amazed by the powers and potential of the feminine body, mind and spirit. I also came to realize that postpartum women are in dire need of community and support. Their lives and the well-being of society depend on it.

One thing leads to another, all things connect, and so in early 2019 my path crossed with Keli Garza of SteamyChick - from whom I am learning about vaginal steaming, Kimberly Ann Johnson, author of the Fourth Trimester - from whom I am learning the importance of the autonomic nervous system and somatic bodywork, and Rachelle Garcia Seliga of INNATE Postpartum Traditions - from whom I am learning about how to support postpartum mothers. They are currently my trifecta of wisdom, their work is heavily intertwined, and what I have learned from them generally forms the basis of what I am intuitively offering through Madonna Medicina. These are skills and knowledge that I will continue to develop professionally. 

Vaginal steaming (which I prefer to call peristeaming or pelvic steaming) is a modality that is truly for almost all people, but is especially beneficial to people with vulvas and wombs, and even more so in the immediate postpartum. So, for the time being my main offering is to support the pelvic health of women through peristeaming, with a particular emphasis on postpartum support.


Why Peristeaming?

It can help with

Irregular Cycles

The ideal healthy cycle lasts 28-30 days. The ideal uterine cleanse (aka. menstruation, aka, your period) lasts around 4 days, with fresh, bright red blood. Steaming helps the uterus to cleanse effectively each month.

Blood Stagnation

Many of us have clots in our menstrual blood, and our bleeds are a darker red. Perhaps you have brownish red spotting before or towards the end of your period. These are signs the uterus is retaining uterine lining each month. Steaming helps loosen it up and flush it out.


Steaming is also great for those who are breastfeeding, and  in the stages of menopause! In addition to improving lubrication, peristeaming helps relieve hot flashes, night sweats, and can improve libido.

Postpartum Recovery

The postpartum is when vaginal steaming has traditionally been used by cultures around the world. Steaming improves circulation, which helps heal swelling and tears, quickly returns the vaginal canal and uterus to their pre-pregnancy state, aids emotional balance and better sleep, helps establish breastmilk supply, among other benefits.


Peristeaming can help clear up vaginal bacteriosis, yeast infections and irregular and/or malodorous discharge.

Cysts and Fibroids

Peristeaming has shown itself to be an effective treatment tool for more advanced gynecological issues that often require surgery. A consistent steaming practice can do wonders.



“I loved my experience with Megan. I felt comfortable and cared for! I love the womb reading, I was able to gain more insight into my own processes. I have had the best periods of my life and cramps have disappeared!! Megan is amazing and she has true insight and is very knowledgeable!!”

— Danielle S.

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Peristeam Session

A single steam session | $50

Excellent for first time steamers or those who want to steam once a month or occasionally. All first time clients will fill out an assessment form which we will review together to determine what steam protocol is best for the individual.

Single steam sessions include an optional Womb Connection oracle card reading.

Steam sessions are held in the client's home and take around an hour.

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Peristeam Package

4 steams sessions | $160

This option is geared towards those who have specific goals for their cycle and want to work with me more intensely. The package is good for one month. During the assessment before the first steam session we will determine when to steam throughout the month.

The package includes at least one optional Womb Connection oracle card reading.

Steam sessions are held in the client's home and take around an hour.

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Cycle Assessment

30min | $25

For those who are unable to meet in person and are looking for guidance to do peristeams on their own.

Clients will fill out the assessment form and we will set a time to talk about steaming goals and the suggested steaming protocol.

Assessments will be done via Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom or phone call.

Includes follow up of brief questions about set up, via email. 

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